Introducing NexusExtend

Get more than a web site. Get a system. We provide tools to connect with people you want to reach.

NexusExtend is online marketing made easy.

Reach both current and potential customers with ease using an integrated suite of tools. Deliver your message with a results driven strategy

NexusExtend Puts Your
Online Marketing Tools in One Place

NexusExtend turns your web presence into an automated marketing engine. It powers not just your web site, but every aspect of your online communication.

Information and Sales

Build targeted information and sales pages to quickly let customers know how your product helps them.

Empower people to make informed decisions about what you have to offer.

Then, give them the ability to act.

Social Media

Each Social Media platform is designed for a specific type of communication.

Send the right message for the sites your customers use. With NexusExtend your social media posts will make an impact.

Customer Contact

Communicate efffectively with your customers.

Learn what buyers want and how they prefer to get information.

Make contacting your business easy for both new and existing customers.

Mobile interface allows you to stay on top of your
marketing and communication anytime, anywhere.


Guidance at Every Step
Helps You Get Maximum
Return on Your Efforts

Tools only work if used effectively. The documentation for these tools is both built-in to the system and kept up to date. We provide step by step instructions, as well as up to date marketing strategy information to help you use the NexusExtend tools to your advantage.



Each NexusExtend Tool Works as Part of an Integrated System
Using well crafted messages to connect regularly is vital. It can also be time consuming. Running a business involves many demands. We're making the steps to take as easy as possible.

One Tool - Many Solutions

Integrated NexusExtend tools
make it easy to keep your message consistent
across all your communication.

Use them to...

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